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Altronix Products: BC400R - Battery Enclosure. Red Finish. 15.5H x 12W x 4.5D

More than just power.


Altronix BC400R is a UL Recognized NEMA 1 Rated power supply/battery enclosure that can accommodate a wide variety of Altronix power supplies, sub-assemblies, and accessories. Altronix enclosures feature ample knockouts that are suitable for 3/4” and 1” conduits.
  • 19 Gauge red enclosure with ample knockouts for convenient access.
  • Fits two (2) 12VDC/12AH batteries.
  • Enclosure:

  • Dimensions 15.5"H x 12.25"W x 4.5"D (394mm H x 311mm W x 114mm D)
  • 1.125" and 1.375" combination knockouts.
  • Weights (approximate):

  • Product Weight: 7.8 Lbs (3.54 kg)
  • Shipping Weight: 9.1 Lbs (4.13 kg)
  • Grey. 8.5"H x 7.5"W x 3.5"D
  • Grey. 9.5"H x 9.5"W x 7.5"D
  • Grey. 12.25"H x 7.25"W x 4.5"D
  • Grey. 13.5"H x 13"W x 3.25"D
  • Red. 13.5"H x 13"W x 3.25"D
  • Grey. 15.5"H x 12"W x 4.5"D
  • Battery Enclosure. Red Finish. 18.5H x 14.5W x 4.5D
  • Grey. 18"H x 14.5"W x 4.625"D
  • Grey. 26 "x 19" W x 6.25 "D

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