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T2885WP AC Outdoor CCTV Power Supply provides 28VAC distributed via a single output for powering CCTV Cameras, heaters and other video accessories. The NEMA 4 Rated outdoor enclosure permits installation close to the outdoor CCTV equipment which reduces the need for long wire runs and eliminates voltage drops.
  • Input:

  • 115VAC, 50/60Hz, 0.95A.
  • Output:

  • 28VAC @ 3.5A. supply current.
  • Electrical:

  • Operating temperature: 0° C to 49° C ambient.
  • BTU/Hr.: 50.16 BTU/Hr.
  • System AC input VA requirement: 109.25VA.
  • Features:

  • Screw terminal block accommodates up to 12 gauge wires.
  • NEMA 4 Rated enclosure for outdoor use.
  • Enclosure:

  • NEMA 4/IP 65 Rated enclosure for outdoor use.
  • Dimensions 12"H x 8"W x 6"D (304.8mm H x 203.2mm W x 152.4mm D)
  • Weights (approximate):

  • Product Weight: 14.75 Lbs (4.61 kg)
  • Shipping Weight: 16 Lbs (5.24 kg)

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