EoC 8 Port Receiver, 25Mbps per port, Generates PoE/PoE+, 48-56 VDC, Requires Compatible Transceiver

eBridge8PCRX is a CAT5 to Coax cable Managed Ethernet Midspan receiver. The receiver enables fast 10/100Base-T Ethernet digital communication to be received over Coax cable. eBridge8PCRX receiver sends power over the coax to the eBridge1PCT 15.4W (PoE), eBridge1PCTX 30W (PoE+) or eBridge1ST 30W (PoE+) transmitter under PoE protocol. eBridge1PCT/1PCTX/1ST, in turn, delivers that power to a PoE enabled cameras or devices. eBridge8PCRX will not deliver power to non-compliant devices. These plug and play units facilitate system upgrades from analog to IP cameras/devices utilizing existing legacy Coax and eliminating the costs and labor associated with installing new network cabling. In addition, data transmission and power over the Coax is possible up to 500m in comparison to 100m Ethernet maximum distance (see Maximum Length of Coax Type vs. Camera Power/PoE Class, pg. 3). A maximum range from head end to the PoE camera/device is 700m, taking into consideration that up to 100m of structured cable may be deployed at each end. Altronix offers model VertiLine563 Rack Mount Power Supply/Charger which provides 56VDC output to power up to two (2) eBridge8PCRX receivers with up to sixteen (16) PoE+ cameras/devices.

  • Compatible Transceivers
    • eBridge1PCT: Single port ethernet/PoE transceiver.
    • eBridge1PCTX: PoE/PoE+ compliant transceiver.
    • eBridge1ST: PoE/PoE+ compliant mini transceiver.
  • Input
    • 48VDC to 56VDC UL Listed power supply (attention to observe polarity).
    • Note: Use 54V to 56V power supply to achieve full power per IEEE802.3 at standard.
  • Power Consumption
    • 48VDC/2.6A, 56VDC/2.6A.
    • eBridge1PCTX or eBridge1ST (30W): Powered by eBridge8PCRX.
    • eBridge1PCT (15W): Powered by eBridge8PCRX.
  • Ethernet
    • Connectivity: RJ45, auto-crossover.
    • Wire type: 4-pair Cat-5 or better structured cable.
    • Distance: up to 100m.
    • Speed: 10/100BaseT, half/full duplex, auto negotiation.
    • Throughput is rated to pass 25mbps of data at distances up to 500m. With proper headend equipment multiple Megapixel cameras can be used.
  • Coax
    • Distance: up to 500m.
    • Connectivity: BNC, RG-59/U or similar.
  • LED Indicators
    • Blue LED - Coax link connection.
    • Green LED - Power.
    • Yellow and Green LED (RJ45) IP Link status, 10/100Base-T/active.
  • Temperature
    • Operating temperature: - 10° C to 50° C (14° F to 122° F).
    • Storage temperature: - 30° C to 70° C ( - 22° F to 158° F).
    • Humidity: 20 to 85%, non-condensing.
  • Operating Altitude
    • - 304.8 to 2,000m ( - 1,000 to 6,561.679 ft.).
UL Listed For:
Information Technology Equipment (UL60950-1)
cUL Listed For:
Information Technology Equipment
CE Approved
C-TICK Compliant
  • Modular 1U standard EIA 19" rack mount chassis.
  • Dimensions 19.12"W x 1.62"H x 8.5"D (486 mm W x 42 mm H x 216 mm D).
Weights (approximate):
  • Product Weigtht: 5.8 Lbs. (2.63 kg).
  • Shipping Weigtht: 7.8 Lbs. (3.54 kg).