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Customer Service

Artiga, Jennifer
Boroditz, Penny
Colandrea, Christina
Joseph, Jacqueline
(Customer Service Manager)
Long, Tamara
Ordyk, Carol
Reyes, Christina
Salter, Mark

Technical Support

Graziano, Tony
(Technical Support)
Jewels, Joseph
(Technical Support)
Maresca, David
(Technical Support)
Rizzuto, Paul
(Training & Technical Support)

Sales & Marketing

Andrews, JR
(National Sales Executive)
Belkowitz, Adam
(Western Region Sales Manager)
Forman, Alan
(VP Sales and Marketing)
Hodge, Brian
(Southeast Regional Sales Manager )
McGee, Bryan
(South Central Regional Sales Manager)
Pennington, Ronnie
(National Sales Engineer)
Zatz, Gary
(Global Sales Manager)


Chiantia, Thomas
Pesok, Victor
(VP Manufacturing)
Sohnis, Jonathan
(VP Engineering)


Farhat, Amaya
(Accounting Support Staff)
Joseph, Jacqueline
(Accounting Manager)
Lerman, Gary
Martinez, Natalie
(Account Receivables)
Novikova, Ludmila
(Accounting Support Staff)
Sargeant, Mildred
(Account Payables/Support Staff)


Han, Kirby
(Art Director)
Pancaldo, Vincent
(Creative Marketing Director)

Website Support

Levin, Slav

Human Resources

Pancaldo, Alexandra
(Human Resources Manager)