Access and Power Integration Enclosure, Requires compatible Trove2 Series Backplane

Altronix Trove2 can house Altronix backplanes which accommodate various combinations of access controllers and accessories from the industry’s leading manufacturers with or without Altronix power supplies and accessories for access systems. Trove systems simplify board layout and wire management, reducing installation time and labor costs.

  • Features
    • 16 AWG powder coated steel enclosure
    • Convenient knockout configuration:
    • - One (1) single knockout 2.415” (2” Conduit).
    • - Sixteen (16) double knockouts 1.362” (1” Conduit) / 1.115” (3/4” Conduit).
    • Includes cam lock, tamper switch and mounting hardware.
UL Listed For:
Access Control System Units (UL294)
cUL Listed For:
CAN/ULC - s319-05, Electronic Access Control Systems.
CE Compliant
Components of this Trove kit are UL Listed sub-assemblies. Please refer to the corresponding Sub-Assembly Installation Guides for further information. Sub-assembly components of this kit can be found under the "Kit Contents" tab.
Name Description
BR1 Add-On Mounting Bracket
MM24 Mounting Magnets, Twenty Four (24) Quantity per Pack
MM12 Mounting Magnets, Twelve (12) Quantity per Pack
MM8 Mounting Magnets, Eight (8) Quantity per Pack
MM4 Mounting Magnets, Four (4) Quantity per Pack
WM100 Magnetic Cable Tie Mounts
WM25 Magnetic Cable Tie Mounts
WM5 Magnetic Cable Tie Mounts
TAG2 Trove2 Backplane for Altronix/AMAG
TAM2 Trove2 Backplane for Altronix/AMAG
TBH2 Trove2 Backplane for Altronix/Bosch
TBL2 Trove2 Blank/Customizable Backplane
TCV2 Trove2 Backplane for Altronix and CDVI or Openpath
TDM2 Trove2 Backplane for Altronix/DMP
TDR2 Trove2 Backplane for Altronix with DIN Rail streamlined package
THC2 Trove2 Backplane for Altronix/Hartmann
THN2 Trove2 Backplane for Altronix/Honeywell, NetAXS
THW2 Trove2 Backplane for Altronix/Honeywell, ProWatch, WinPak
TKA2 Trove2 Backplane for Altronix/Keyscan
TKH2 Trove2 Backplane for Altronix/Kantech
TKS2 Trove2 Backplane for Altronix/Keri Systems
TM2 Trove2 Backplane for Altronix & Mercury
TPX2 Trove2 Backplane for Altronix/PDK
TSA2 Trove2 Backplane for Altronix/SALTO
TSH2 Trove2 Backplane for Altronix/Software House
TSL2 Trove2 Backplane for Altronix/Sielox
TSS2 Trove2 Backplane for Altronix/S2
TV2 Trove2 Backplane for Altronix/HID-Vertx
TZ2 Trove2 Backplane for Altronix/ZK-Teco
TBHD2 Bosch door backplane for Trove2 and Trove3
TDMD2 DMP door backplane for Trove2 and Trove3
THWD2 Honeywell ProWatch/WinPak door backplane for Trove2 and Trove3
TMV2 Altronix/Mercury/HID VertX®/Aero® door backplane for Trove2 and Trove3
  • Wall mount enclosure for indoor use.
  • Accommodates up to four (4) 12VDC/7AH Batteries.
  • Dimensions 21.75"W x 27.25"H x 6.5"D (546.1 mm W x 692.15 mm H x 165.1 mm D).
  • 3/4" and 1" combination knockouts.
Weights (approximate):
  • Product Weight: 29.1 Lbs. (13.2 kg).
  • Shipping Weight: 33.1 Lbs. (14.97 kg).