EoC Single Port Adapter Kit, 100Mbps, Passes PoE/PoE+, Includes Receiver & Small Transceiver

eBridge100STR is a versatile solution Ethernet adapter/media converter kit which transmits data at 100Mbps full duplex and power over Coax cable in a PoE+ compliant format. The eBridge100RM is powered via a PoE midspan, such as the Altronix Netway series, or by an endspan. The receiver passes the PoE(+) compliant power over cable to the eBridge100ST transceiver which in turn passes this power to an enabled IP Camera/device. These plug and play units facilitate cost effective solutions for IP devices that need to be installed at distances greater than 100m. They provide a simple way to replace legacy analog products with new IP devices over existing coax.

  • Input eBridge100RM
    • Powered by midspan or endspan.
    • PoE compliant to IEEE 802.3af (15W) and PoE+ compliant to IEEE 802.3at (30W).
  • Ethernet
    • Connectivity: RJ45, auto-crossover.
    • Wire type: 4-pair CAT5.
    • Distance: up to 100m.
    • Speed: 10/100BaseT, half/full duplex, auto negotiation.
    • PoE compliant to IEEE 802.3af (15W) and
    • PoE+ compliant to IEEE 802.3at (30W)
    • Delivered to camera by eBridge100ST.
    • Power provided by eBridge100RM to eBridge100ST by PoE protocol.
  • Coax Link
    • Distance: Coax 300m for power delivery.
    • Throughput is rated to pass 100Mbps of data at distances up to 500m.
    • Connectivity: BNC, RG-59/U or similar.
  • LED Indicators
      • eBridge100RM:
        • Green LED: PoE ON.
        • Yellow LED: Power ON.
      • eBridge100RM and eBridge100ST:
        • Yellow and Green LED (RJ45): IP Link status, 10/100Base-T/active.
      • eBridge100ST:
        • Blue LED: Coax link connection.
        • Green LED: PoE ON.
  • Functions
    • Auto detection and protection of legacy non-PoE cameras/devices.
  • Operating Temperature
      • eBridge100RM:
        • - 20° C to 49° C ( - 4° F to 120.2° F).
      • eBridge100ST:
        • For 15W: - 40° C to 75° C ( - 40° F to 167° F).
        • For 30W: - 40° C to 60° C ( - 40° F to 140° F).
  • Storage Temperature
    • - 40° C to 75° C (-40° F to 167° F).
    • Humidity: 20 to 85%, non-condensing.
  • Operating Altitude
    • - 304.8 to 2,000m (-1000 to 6,561.679 ft.).
UL Listed For:
Information Technology Equipment (UL60950-1)
cUL Listed For:
Information Technology Equipment
CE Compliant
Components of this kit are UL Listed sub-assemblies. Please refer to the corresponding Sub-Assembly Installation Guides for further information. Sub-assembly components of this kit can be found under the "Kit Contents" tab.
  • Modular plastic case. VB6
  • Dimensions 3.5"W x 1"H x 3.5"D (88.89 mm W x 25.4 mm H x 88.89 mm D).
Weights (approximate):
  • Product Weight: 0.25 Lbs. (0.11 kg).
  • Shipping Weight: 0.42 Lbs. (0.19 kg).