Long Range Single Pair Ethernet Adapter Kit, 1000m over twisted pair (UTP), 10Mbps, Passes PoE/PoE+, includes: Pace1KR Receiver and Pace1KT Transceiver

For dual port connectivity please see kit model: Pace2KRT

Altronix Pace1KRT is a long range Ethernet adapter kit that transmits data and power via UTP (2-wire, twisted pair) in a PoE(+) compliant format. Pace1KR receiver is powered via a PoE midspan/endspan, such as the Altronix Netway series. The receiver passes the PoE compliant power over UTP (1000m) to the Pace1KT transceiver which, in turn, passes this power to an enabled IP camera/device. The paired set can be used to upgrade or adapt existing 2 wire deployed infrastructure control schemes, such as LON protocol to Ethernet networks.

  • Input
      • Pace1KR:
        • Powered by midspan or endspan. PoE compliant to IEEE 802.3af (15W) and PoE+ compliant to IEEE 802.3at (30W).
      • Pace1KT:
        • Powered by Pace1KR.
  • UTP Connection
    • Wire type: Twisted pair (2-wire, UTP)
    • Distance: 1000m, 18/2 AWG @ 10Mbps.
  • Ethernet Connection
    • Connectivity: RJ45, auto-crossover.
    • Wire type: 4-pair, CAT5e or higher.
    • Distance: up to 100m from midspan to Pace1KR receiver (headend), 100m from Pace1KT transceiver to device
    • Speed: 10/100BaseT, half/full duplex, auto negotiation.
    • PoE: IEEE 802.3af (15W) and PoE+ compliant to IEEE 802.3at (30W) delivered to device by Pace1KR Power provided by Pace1KR to Pace1KT by PoE protocol.
  • Indicators (LED)
    • Green LED (left): PoE (link)
    • Green LED (right): Data transmission (link)
    • Yellow and Green LED (by RJ45 jack): IP Link status, 10/100Base-T/active.
  • Temperature
      • Operating:
        • -40ºC to 75ºC (-40º to 167ºF).
      • Storage:
        • -40ºC to 75ºC (-40º to 167ºF).
  • Relative Humidity
    • 85%, +/- 5%, non-condensing.
  • Operating Altitude
    • - 304.8 to 2,000m.
CE Compliant
  • Modular plastic case.
  • Dimensions 2.5"W x 1"H x 3.8"D (64 mm W x 25 mm H x 97 mm D).
Weights (approximate):
  • Product Weight: 0.4 Lbs. (0.18 kg).
  • Shipping Weight: 1 Lbs. (0.45 kg).