Panic Device Controller / Power Supply/Charger, 24VDC @ 16A in-Rush, 115VAC, BC300 Enclosure

Strikelt2 operates one (1) 24VDC panic hardware device. It is designed to handle the high current surge panic hardware locking devices demand. In addition, an auxiliary power output provides power for accessory devices such as card readers, keypads, REX PIRs, electronic timers, relays, etc.

  • Input
    • 115VAC 60Hz, 7A.
    • One (1) N/O trigger input.
  • Output
    • One (1) 23.2-24VDC lock output rated up to 16A. for 300ms, 0.5A. continuous hold current.*
    • One (1) 23.2-24VDC filtered regulated auxiliary output rated @ 0.5A. continuous supply current*
    • Note: Total combined current for the outputs may not exceed 1A.
  • Battery Backup
    • Battery leads included.
    • Built-in charger for sealed lead acid or gel type batteries.
    • Automatic switch over to stand-by battery when AC fails.
    • When 4AH batteries are used, battery capacity for emergency stand-by is at least a 1/2 hour.
  • Visual Indicators
    • Green AC Power LED indicates 115VAC present.
    • Red LED indicates presence of 24VDC.
  • Temperature
    • Operating 0° C to 49° C (32° F to 120° F).
    • Storage - 20° C to 70ÂșC ( - 4° F to 158° F).
    • Relative Humidity 85% +/- 5%.
    • BTU/Hr (approx.): 151 BTU/Hr.
    • System AC input VA requirement: 805VA.
UL Listed For:
Access Control System Units (UL294)
cUL Listed For:
CSA Standard C22.2 No.205-M1983, Signal Equipment
CSFM - California State Fire Marshal Approved
  • Wall mount enclosure for indoor use.
  • Accommodates up to two (2) 12VDC/4AH Batteries.
  • Dimensions 7.5"W x 8.5"H x 3.5"D (191 mm W x 216 mm H x 89 mm D).
  • 1/2" and 3/4" combination knockouts.
Weights (approximate):
  • Product Weigtht: 4.65 Lbs. (2.109 kg).
  • Shipping Weigtht: 5.75 Lbs. (2.608 kg).