Access and Power Integration - Kit includes Trove2 Enclosure and TAM2 Altronix/AMAG backplane.

Trove2AM2 accommodates various combinations of AMAG boards with or without Altronix power supplies and accessories for access systems.

  • Enclosure + Backplane Features
    • 19 AWG grey enclosure with ample knockouts for convenient access.
  • Trove2AM2
    • Trove2 enclosure with TAM2 Altronix/AMAG backplane.
      • Includes: tamper switch, cam lock, lock nuts and mounting hardware.
    • TAM2
      • TAM2 Altronix/AMAG backplane.
      • 19 AWG backplane.
      • Includes mounting hardware.
        • Backplane accommodates a combination of the following:
          • Two (2) AL400ULXB2, AL600ULXB, AL1012ULXB, AL1024ULXB2, eFlow4NB, eFlow6NB, eFlow102NB or eFlow104NB.
          • One ACM4(CB), ACM8(CB), MOM5, PD4UL(CB), PD8UL(CB), PDS8(CB), VR6.
          • M2150 2DC, M2150 4DC, M2150 AC24/4, M2150 2DBC, M2150 4DBC or M2150 8DBC.
    • Wall mount enclosure for indoor use.
    • Accommodates up to four (4) 12VDC/12AH Batteries.
    • Dimensions 21.75"W x 27.25"H x 6.5"D (546.1 mm W x 692.15 mm H x 165.1 mm D).
    • 3/4" and 1" combination knockouts.
    Weights (approximate):
    • Product Weigtht: 37.1 Lbs. (16.83 kg).
    • Shipping Weigtht: 43.1 Lbs. (19.5 kg).