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Hardened PoE Switches with Power Supply/Chargers
            3-Port Hardened PoE Switches with Single SFP Port
         and Optimized Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Charging

                                                                                            LiFePO4 -
                                                                                            Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery
                                                                                            (Altronix model # BTL125)

                                                                                            BAT Terminals -
                                                                                            Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery
                                                                                            (Altronix model # BTL125)
                                                                                            100/1000 Ethernet
                                                                                            (PoE) Ports


                                                                                            Network Management
                                                                                            Technology -
                                                                                            remotely monitor, control &  report
                                                                                            power/diagnostics over the network

                                                  115/230VAC Input  Dual SFP Ports

      Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Benefits:

        LIGHT   Light weight:
                Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries weigh one-third to almost half less than SLA batteries
                Up to 99% efficiency, allowing faster charging with minimal loss,
                SLA batteries lose power quickly during deep discharge

                More Up Time:
                Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries allow for rapid charging and discharging

                Longer use Life:
                Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries can cycle up to 5000 times vs. SLA up to 500 times
                Longer Shelf Life:
                Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries can be shelfed up to 10 years, SLA batteries need to be charged every
                6 months (often times the batteries coming from overseas have already been sitting for 4+ months)

                Cold Temperature:
                Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries have up to 40% more capacity in colder climates
                Cost per Cycle:
                Lithium $0.31 vs. SLA $0.92 (real cost per cycle includes maintenance labor,
                replacement product and labor and electrical costs to charge batteries

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